Beloved Memories
Before and after pictures of the Dichroic glass.  Glass is arranged on a tray, then fired in kiln up to 1700 degress  then cooled  at a certain process to get desired product.
 I do take special orders, If you are looking for a special or especially unique pendant or wall hanging, business card nolder, salad bowl, wedding party or bridal gifts, just let me know. I will be a pleasure to creat it for you.
The glass pictured above is before firing
  is placed on thin fire paper especially  made for kilns
Beloved Memories

Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Products

Beloved Memories was started in the memory of my loving Mother Marie,who I miss dearly. She was the most thoughtful and caring women. With her help I was able to start my business of hand crafted Dichroic glass jewelry and glass products. Each piece is unique, special and one of a kind. I take great pride in my work and I hope you will treasure the pieces as well. 
This picture is after firing.
The firing process in an automatice kiln takes 12 to 15 hours. In the quick fire kiln it is a quicker pricess but is a manual process. It only takes about 7 hours. The finished Dichroic glass has a shine to it. 
Jewelry for wedding parties and bridal gifts
Pendant and earring sets in Dichroic Glass
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Dichroic glass is glass treated with various metal oxides that makes it appear to have many colors. It was developed for use in the space program and is now  popular as jewely and art material.
Cufflink and Tietac set
Glass Cross                                                  Glass and Wire wall Hanging